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Need a Host for your event?

Need a Singer/Band for your event?

Need a to know how to market yourself as a musician?

Need someone to organize your event?


By supporting independent music artists locally and with equity

Event Programming | Music Artist Development| | CUSTOM SERVICES


Use our custom services to mix your upcoming music project and get expert advice from experienced musicians

Are you a business that wants to put on a great show with entertainment?  Contact MATTERS for their dynamic hosting.  They can also organize your event through successfully proven programming.

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Discover private and public ways of rehearsing while saving money and using our services stress-free

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Use MATTERS to help you book your first gig.  Smoothly transition from our artist development workshops, creation of your EPK, and perfecting your social media content to the Performance Stage

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We are creative minds that want to allow you to be creative.

We are entertainers who want you to be free to entertain.

We are a safe space that wants you to feel safe.

We are independent and we want you to have the freedom of independence.

M.A.T.T.E.R.S. was created by owner/operator, Valerie Eaton. Valerie Not Val (her stage name) performed as a gospel, R&B and blues singer who passed her baton to her daughter, Bria The Artist. In managing Bria’s career, she found her own niche.  Many music artists just want to make music.  The stage presence, their introduction on the stage, their marketing was not something they knew how to nor the desire to do. MATTERS aims to be accessible, inexpensive and attractive to ALL musicians to learn and grow. Not only can MATTERS teach musicians how to better manage their careers, but can be a part of their musical journey by introducing them to local and not-so-local stages.

MATTERS will offer several services under the mission, "Making All Time Together Entertaining Regardless of Situations."  Why?  Because with the world in disarray, we have solutions for music, short video editing, public facing services and more, reminding you that life is a precious gift; let's enjoy it together.  Contact us through email or DM us on social media for more information.


Bria The Artist
Bria The Artist
Bria The Artist aka the original Bri-dimensional is a singer, songwriter, producer, painter, sketch artist and poet based in Westchester, NY. Having worked with Grammy Award-winning artist, Ne-Yo and also completed a 10-city tour in Dubai, The Artist released two albums titled Moon Swings and Jaded (self-produced) along with a handful of singles. She displays her producing and vocal arrangement skills with a unique blend of neo-soul, jazzy and nostalgic hip hop sounds that everyone’s calling “a vibe.” Truly a one-stop-shop, Bria The Artist uses her visual art and poetry as inspiration when creating music, also producing her own cover art, bridging the gap between realms. She aims to create a Bri-dimensional experience that invokes other-worldly imagery for listeners around the globe.


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Our virtual studio is open 6 days a week:


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