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Below are just some of our clients that we have worked with since 2021 when we first launced.  We thank each and every one of them as well as all of our future clients!  To get on this list, just reach out through our home page.  We'd be happy to accommodate your event in the best way we can.  

Peekskill NAACP

Providing Webmaster services, organizing events including their annual Freedom Fund Event.  Additionally, Valere Not Val (through Mattrs, Inc. hosts many events  for this dynamic organization and local branch of the NAACP.


Provided Hosting as well as event production for their major 10 year  2023 Anniversary at the Paramount Theater.

Sisters In Support/The Fern Tree

Hosted their annual Kwanzaa celebration.  This yearly event is the coming together of the community to celebrate and educate on the principles of Kwanzaa. It is an opportunity to converse, network, uplift, and inform on the basis of togetherness. This event  is held the last Saturday of December. Presentations, Dinner, Live Music, and DJ with Dancing, and  Raffles.


Matters Author and Host, Valerie Eaton (yest, owner, founder, author, host).  Currently Valerie is re-introducing her first novel, Reality Check, Does Race Define a Relationship.  NEW remodeled book available MAY 13 on through most book distributors.  Go to Am

City of Peekskill, NY
Screenshot 2024-03-25 100019.png

Host, Valerie Not Val co-hosted the City of Peekskill's annual Juneteenth parade and entertainmment (organized by the Youth Bureau).  In addition, Bria The Artist performed in their Summer Riverfront series. through Matters, Inc.

Bria The Artist

Matters manages this singer, songwriter, producer, visual artist and poet's career through booking, artist development and sponsorship.  Matters toured with this artist locally and internationally and continues to promote her through social media and other more personal platforms.

Sun River Health, Peekskill
Screenshot 2024-03-25 095607.png

Provided Hosting by Valerie Not Val at the Paramount Theater.  The first Hudson River Health Care site opened in Peekskill, providing family, women’s health, and dental care in 1975 founded by 4 dyanmic Black women.

Aero Ba Soul
Screenshot 2024-03-25 102726.png

Our VERY FIRST client to use our speaking engagement services!  Through Matters, Valere Eaton sat on a panel of other advocates of Black and brown parents and students of Mercy College.

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