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For now, MATTERS, Inc. is traveling and remote... but before you know it, we will be opening our doors to the public at our physical Westchester location! Check out some of our coming soon features. We can't wait for you to try them out.

coming soon



Our space will provide two options for you to choose from: Studio A or Studio B. Whether you need an engineer with you or you're more of the do-it-alone type, we've got something suitable to your music and rehearsal needs.


From your favorite DAW and quality mic to mixing and outboard gear, MATTERS will have everything you need.


Soon, you'll be able to enjoy our chic, cozy, safe space for you to write your music, watch live rehearsals, and just be creative!


The more we work with artists like you, the more we can network. We'd love to add YOU to our list of clients so more fabulous artists (and fans) can easily find some of the best music artists around through MATTERS.


As a musician, we know that quality instruments matter! It's not always easy to lug your instruments to and from rehearsals and recordings. MATTERS will provide you with instruments to choose from so all you have to do... is show up!


Soon you will be able to select from our studio rehearsal time packages. Whether you need a couple of hours or a full day to rehearse, MATTERS will offer daily and monthly rates at competitive prices.

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